Christmas is coming

Let's not think about all the serious stuff between now and December 25th, let's look at all the things we can do to make this year special for the people we will, and won't see. For the first time in 17 years we will be having Christmas just the 4 of us, we are even planning Christmas Pj's! I will be sending a Christmas Hamper to my Father-in-Law, I have introduced him to some small vineyard wines, so will treat him with some of those, his own Christmas Pudding (which he won't have to share as no one else likes it), some Chutney's to go with his love of bread and cheese - he really should be French - and some proper marmalade to vary up his porridge or toast breakfast. This will be the first one he has woken up to on his own for 50 years, so we want it to be special, as we can't be with him. Lots of people are putting their Christmas Decorations up early (we have one, but that's because I had to do some Christmas Hamper photos!); lots of people are stocking up on the wine whilst the supermarkets have 25% off.

Whilst it is so easy to go online and order gifts and presents from the large internet businesses, maybe we can each buy something from the small independent shops and businesses that provide a more intimate service to their customers.

I normally send Christmas Cards every year and had been thinking about stopping, but this year, I think everyone of my friends and relatives need to know we have been thinking of them. If I can find the time, I might even write something extra in each one....

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