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homemade products

Full of flavour, high in quality

The core of my product selection is my ranges of preserves and chutneys, which form a staple part of the British kitchen cupboards. While the traditional favourites are an ongoing part of my everyday business, I am constantly looking at new ingredients to give an exciting edge to them.

Read all about my preserves and browse for products.

Check out my chutneys and browse for products.

MY other products and accompaniments

      Chilli Products

My chilli products span across condiments, sauces and dips. I’m incredibly proud that my Chilli Jam was awarded a Gold Star by the internationally recognised The Great Taste Awards in 2013 and this continues to be one of my best selling products.  Due to customer requests, this can now be purchased at 3 different heat strengths.


Chilli products are one of the best ways of creating foods that give a kick and burst with fresh, zingy flavours.



Whether of the cider or wine variety, my vinegar's are flavoured with a whole range of different ingredients, herbs and spices and are crisper and better balanced than acidic store-bought products. Use to add a high quality swagger to salads, vegetables, soups and sauces.


      Sauces & Cordials

My sauces use some unlikely ingredients which add another dimension to your meal and give marinades and ketchups a dash of sophistication you can’t buy anywhere else.

My cordials are local and add something special to your cold drink or even a glass of something bubbly. They are also used on the Cocktail Menu at The Pantry, Newmarket.

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