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Delicious homemade chutneys

Full of flavour, high in quality


From more traditional seasonal chutneys using apples and tomatoes, to more adventurous chutneys using the best of late summer and early autumn produce. I really like to focus on strong local ingredients for the Summer and Autumn ranges with much of the vegetables having been grown around Newmarket and the Cambridgeshire countryside! These chutneys add zest and tang to salads, cheese, pates and cold meats.

Spinney Abbey of Wicken use my Red Onion Marmalade in their sausages, which are proving to be a massive hit around the local pubs and restaurants.

Chutney no longer needs to be reserved for your ploughman’s lunch but can be enjoyed with a roast or even a curry – and not just Mango Chutney either. My Rhubarb Chutney & Hot Yellow Plum Chutney both work as a lovely replacement for Mango Chutney.

Unlike the more famous traditional chutneys, these chutneys highlight the distinct flavour of their ingredients and vary in both colour and texture.

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