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Delicious homemade foods

Full of flavour, high in quality

Welcome to Nikki's Homemade

Based in Burwell, Cambridgeshire, award-winning Nikki’s Homemade is owned and run by me, Nikki Booth. My jams, marmalades, preserves and chutneys, plus many other products, sell right across the Newmarket area and the whole of East Anglia, either served as part of the menu in local restaurants, or sold as products in farms, markets and eateries.


Tasty and natural with no additives, my products are suitable for all the family. Only the best ingredients are used and are carefully, ethically, and locally sourced where possible. 

Focus on:


Now is when the British Hedgerows come into their own.  The plum family are really getting busy with the tail end of Mirabelles and the start of Victoria Plum season.  This is followed by general plums, damsons, bullaces and the Queen of the plum family, greengages!

The hedgerow fruit of my childhood is the blackberry.  They are already ripe in some parts of the country, but not quite where I am.  They jam and freeze really well and have such an instinctive flavour.  Elderberries are already ripening, which seems contrary to how late the elderflowers were.  September will bring on the reds with hips and haws ripening as well as our apples and pears.  So much to look forward to in our gardens and countryside.

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